Activity 1A: Desperately Seeking Insulin

Teacher should give all students copies of the play. Parts should be assigned, and props passed out to the proper characters. Have the students quietly read over their parts for a few minutes, to get the speaking and acting parts practiced. Put on the play! The play can be a one-time performance, or acts can be performed on different days.
Emphasize the main points of the play by having the students do the debriefing questions.
Sensitivity warning: the play's purpose is to demonstrate how the body processes sugar, and what happens to sugar in a diabetic. The characters represent body parts and fluids. It is suggested that you let students volunteer for parts in the play. The role representing urine in the bladder may be left out, if you choose to do so. 

Diabetes, Type 1, Type 2, risk factor, role play, glucose, sugar, insulin, pancreas


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Bittersweet: Diabetes
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Lesson 1: Play - Desperately Seeking Insulin