Activity 1A: "Elderly" Terms

Students need an introduction to the terms used for the elderly by the U.S. Census Bureau:
  • "Elderly”  65 years and over  
  • “Young old”  65–74 years  
  • “Aged”  75 years and over  
  • “Oldest old”  80 years and more  
Have students select an elderly person to be their Older Friend. This person may be a family member, neighbor, or family friend. (Teachers should be prepared to assist some students in finding older friends.) Students should select someone who can meet with the student on more than one occasion. Students should give their Older Friend details as to what this project entails, and what will be asked of the Older Friend. Teachers may wish to provide students with Explanation/Contract Sheets to obtain a commitment and basic information about the Older Friends. (See Explanation/ Contract Sheet). 

Census information, older friend, older friend contract


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My Older Friend
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Lesson 1: My Older Friend — Historical Study