Activity 1A: Geography of Pulmo Park

As an introduction to the “Geography of Pulmo Park”, students will explore the structure of the pulmonary system with an activity called “Landmarks”. After becoming acquainted with the structure of the pulmonary system, students will be further engaged by completing a self profile of their own pulmonary health called, “My Road Blocks”. This activity will allow students to explore the functions of the lungs and how the health of our lungs is affected by many interrelating factors. After assessing personal health risks related to their lungs, students will process out this activity through a student discourse of questioning called “Clearing My Road Blocks” which will expand and deepen thinking and allow for thoughtful reflection. This thoughtful reflection will be manifested in the writing of a narrative called “Fortunately, Unfortunately” where students describe the condition of their lungs and have the option to extend this activity in a creative collage of the lungs called Street Media. 

  • Analyze and interpret information to construct reasonable
  • Explanations from direct and indirect evidence
  • Identify and describe a task that is done by two or more systems working together
  • Describe how the properties of a system are different from the properties of its parts
  • Differentiate between structure and function of the pulmonary system
  • Identify how structure complements function at different levels of organization including organs, organ systems, and organisms
  • Identify the systems of the human organism and describe their functions
  • Assess their own lung health
  • Discuss health concerns of the lungs
  • Write a narrative about personal lung health 


Activity Resource:
Anatomy of Breathing Flash Animation


System, structure, function, pulmonary system, organ, organ system, organism, lung health, lung 


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Pulmo Park
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Lesson 1: Mapping Pulmo Park