Activity 1A: From Humours to Harvey to Henry: Cardiovascular Research Timeline

By performing internet research, students will learn about the people or events that have contributed to our understanding of the human heart. Students will gain insight into how these contributions have led to advancements in cardiovascular research. Students will also be able to appreciate the concept of science as an ongoing process rather than a series of isolated discoveries. Upon conclusion of their research, students will construct a living timeline and world map to show “where in the world” their research occurred as they present their findings to the class. Prior to these presentations, teachers will need to construct a classroom-sized timeline extending from 10,000 BCE to the present.

  • Research a specific time period for the history of cardiovascular research
  • Identify the scientists, people, or belief(s) during that particular era
  • Identify the contributions made by these individuals
  • Present their findings to the class through participation in a living timeline



Time period, cardiovascular research, scientist, timeline

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Inflamm-O-Wars: Silent Battles within Your Cardiovascular System
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Lesson 1: Historically Speaking: The Historical Perspective