Activity 1A: The Mouth

Go over the parts of the mouth with the students. Give them the worksheet "The Mouth" for them to use as you discuss the parts. When you are finished have them work the coloring activity, so that they can locate the parts of the mouth. The mouth includes the lips, tongue, teeth, and the hard and soft palates. There are also three sets of glands that secrete saliva. The teeth cut, tear, crush and grind food. The tongue acts as a taste organ and it also mixes saliva with food and moves it toward the rear of the mouth. The hard and soft palate is what we call the roof of our mouth. 

Anatomy, oral cavity, tongue, tooth, teeth, chew, mouth, saliva, hard palate, soft palate, gingiva, gum


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Watch Your Mouth
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Lesson 1: Normal Anatomy of the Healthy Mouth