Activity 1A: A Personal Narrative

As an initial activity, have students write about themselves. You may wish to precede this exercise with instructions in narrative writing, requirements for formal writing, and smaller preparatory writing activities. In this personal narrative, students should include information about the past and present. They must also think or dream about the future. The teacher may give required information, or let students brainstorm their own ideas. The following suggestions will help get the activity started:


  • place and date of birth
  • information on brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends
  • important personal events
  • important past family events


  • the roles you play in your life
  • tell about your personality
  • favorite things
  • what are you good at—or bad at (talents, abilities, skills)
  • describe all the good—and bad things about your life now
  • discuss any family relationships 


  • what do you want to do during and after high school?
  • what kind of career do you think you will have?
  • what kind of training do you think you might need?
  • tell about the family life you think you will have in the future
  • tell about all the other things you see in your future

Personal narrative, personal milestone, lifeline, lifeplan, timeline, measurement, body, data collection, lifeline construction, timeline construction, connection, past, present, future, family role, goal, future planning


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A Look at Me
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Lesson 1: My Life