Activity 1A: Puppet on a String: An Engaging Look at Movement

Students will construct a tag board moveable figure named Mobile Marvin. Mobile Marvin's body segments will be attached using brads, so that moveable joints are formed. By attaching strings, as in a marionette, students will be able to simulate the jobs of the brain, nerves, muscles and bones to orchestrate specific movements in their Mobile Marvin puppet. From their observations, students will infer that muscles work only by pulling, that at least two opposable muscles must operate a joint and that muscles and bones must work together to allow movement. 


  • Observe how muscles and bones work together to move joints
  • Observe that joints are operated by opposable muscles
  • Distinguish between joint flexion and extension
  • Observe that muscles can work only by pulling (contracting)

Muscle, bone, move, joint, opposable, flexion, extension, pull, contract, marionette, brain, nerve, movement, puppet


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Discrepant Design: Levers in the Body
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Lesson 1: Levers in the Human Body