Activity 1B: Help the N.I.A.

Use the "Background Information" sheet to teach the students about the purpose and mission of the National Institutes of Aging (N.I.A.). The N.I.A. has a problem, they do not know what a typical older person looks like. Tell the students that their assignment is to draw a picture of a characteristic old person to help the N.I.A. with its job. Each student is to draw a picture of an "old" person. It is important that students draw a complete figure and include all pertinent physical features. The figure should be appropriately dressed and placed in a characteristic location so that the N.I.A. will have an easy time finding them. Each student should write a complete description of the older person, their features, their activities, and their abilities.

Answer questions on the "Processing Out Worksheet" to analyze and understand the drawings. 


Stereotype, elderly, bias, art connection, processing out, National Institute on Aging, drawing


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A Look At Them
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Lesson 1: Help the N.I.A.