Activity 1B: Illustrating Ageless Idioms

In this activity, students will translate an idiom from words into a picture. Hand out the worksheet “Illustrating Idioms.” Have the students draw a picture of the literal meaning of an ageless idiom. For example, if the idiom were “long in the tooth” the children might draw a picture of a person with really long teeth, a vampire, or a saber tooth tiger! This is a fun activity, because the illustrations should point out the silliness of idioms when taken literally. Beneath the illustration have the student write the true meaning of the idiom. The students should also write the idiom in a sentence using it in the proper context. 

Idiom, drawing, art, culture, idiomatic language, computer skill, stereotype, age, illustration


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Embracing Diversity
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Lesson 1: Ageless Idioms