Activity 1B: Language of the Lungs

After reading the respiratory background included with this activity and/or researching topics related to the function of the lungs, students will identify terms/ideas associated with the respiratory system. Once students have created an Alphabet Soup Graphic Organizer (list of terms) and a Publishing Planning Sheet, they will apply this list to create a child’s ABC book for teaching pulmonary language. 

  • Research topics related to the respiratory system
  • Recognize important terms associated with the respiratory system
  • Create a theme using the elements of language arts such as: alliteration, imagery, metaphor, rhyme, or symbol
  • Recognize important methods in publishing a book
  • Illustrate a children’s ABC book of pulmonary language
  • Evaluate book's ability to teach the physiology of the lungs



Respiratory system, lung, language, alliteration, imagery, metaphor, rhyme, symbol, publish, book, illustrate, children book, ABC book 


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Pulmo Park
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Lesson 1: Mapping Pulmo Park