Activity 1C: The Carding of Diabetes: Ancient Musings

Students will be given a quote card at the beginning of the activity. Using a library cart of selected references or a computer with Internet access, students will find the location on a world map of major events that occurred in the time period of their quote, and how their event contributed to basic understanding of diabetes. Students will draw an illustration of the event described on their card. Next, students read the narrative on their card along with their research findings. The card and illustration will then be attached to the correct location on a large world map. Students may draw conclusions, discuss ideas, and raise questions in regard to the observations made about diabetes.
  • Paraphrase historical quotations into modern language
  • Illustrate historical quotations concerning diabetes research
  • Locate early diabetes research on a world map
  • Draw conclusions as to people’s thoughts on diabetes throughout the ages 



Narrative, library research, paraphrase, quotation, diabetes research, world map


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Bittersweet: Diabetes
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Lesson 1: Play - Desperately Seeking Insulin