Activity 1D: Dietary Interviews Extension: Analyzing Other RDAs & Guest Speaker

Have students interview a person in one of the following age groups listed below. Students should ask questions about the dietary habits of the person. Students should be encouraged to record other information that may be relevant to the diet habits of the person such as activity level and oral health (e.g., use of dentures, problems chewing and swallowing). Students should compare the nutrient intake of their subject with the nutrient needs of the subject 's age group. Have students write summary reports. You may wish students to share their findings.Make sure the students do not reveal the name of the person they interviewed for confidentiality. Teachers must approve student 's questions prior to the interview.
Age Groups:
  • mother of an infant
  • young child
  • older child
  • adolescent in the school
  • adult at home,in school,or in the community
  • elderly person at home or in the community

Extension Activity

  • Analyzing Other RDAs - Have students analyze other nutrient RDA values.
  • Guest Speaker - Invite an elderly person to the class to talk about their eating habits and issues that relate to their nutrition.

Dietary habit, life span, nutrition, interview, oral health, activity level, denture, chew, swallow, older friend


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Nutrition and Aging
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Lesson 1: Adolescent Nutrition