Activity 1D: Get A Grip!


The ability to grasp objects is an important part of upper body mobility and functionality. Grip strength is also an indicator of general health as we develop into adults and then later in life as we age. In this activity, students will construct a homemade grip meter from common materials and will calibrate the device to determine how much force they apply with their grip. Once students create a calibration scale and can quantify grip strength, they will investigate some of the factors that affect grip strength, such as grip style. 


    Students will be able to:

    • Determine grip strength using a homemade grip meter
    • Design a measurement scale for the grip meter to quantify grip strength
    • Investigate factors that affect grip strength
    • Collect, graph, and analyze data 

    Grasp, mobility, strength, grip meter, calibrate, calibration, force

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      Mo-bility: Movement by the Numbers
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      Lesson 1: Motion Commotion: Physics of Movement