Activity 2A: Bloody Discoveries through Time: History of Blood Transfusions

By performing research, students will discover contributions made to the study of blood transfusions throughout history; noting how each contribution advanced scientific knowledge. Students will better understand the concept of science as an ongoing process rather than a series of isolated discoveries. The activity will culminate in a living timeline as students present their findings to the class during an oral presentation.

  • Use the internet to research important figures in the history of blood transfusions
  • Identify the scientist, his significant contribution to blood transfusions, and the dates on which these contributions were made
  • Prepare and present an oral presentation of their research to the class by creating a living timeline
  • Follow written directions to complete a given task

Blood, blood transfusion, scientist, timeline, history, scientific knowledge, ABO blood group, blood innovator, research

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Cast Your Net: Adventures With Blood
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Lesson 2: Plasma Scope: History