Activity 2A: Health Risks Activity Suggestion

The focus of this activity is to make students aware of the health risks
associated with obesity and a diet high in fat. In particular it will introduce the types of fat found in various foods and the methods that are used to prepare them.
We are bombarded with food advertisements everyday. They tell us how good the food tastes from a certain restaurant or what type of drink we should be drinking. Few of them will give you any nutrient information or tell you how the food is prepared. If we are not careful, consumption of the wrong types of foods could lead to health risks. This is where being informed about the types of fat found in foods as well as food preparation methods comes into play. Being an informed consumer will help us to make better choices for ourselves when we sit down to eat.



Obesity, diet, energy balance, obesity and health risks, research skills, calories, weight, food choices 


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Corpulosity: A Study of Obesity
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Lesson 2: Fat: Who Cares?