Activity 2A: Just a little Bit of Effort: Exploring Levers

Students will explore the parts of a lever and will build a model of each class of lever on a wooden stand using dowels and modified wooden rulers. Using a spring scale and hanging weights, students will study the forces and will determine the advantage of each type of lever. As a grand finale to the activity, students will apply their newly found knowledge of levers as they compete in a contest called the “Little Bit of Effort Contest.” Students will work in their groups to design the most efficient lever in each class, i.e., the lever that can move the most weight with the least amount of effort. 
  • Name and define the parts of a lever
  • Describe the location of the fulcrum, effort and resistance in each class of lever
  • Investigate the forces involved in each class of lever
  • Draw conclusions regarding appropriate application of each class of lever

Lever, fulcrum, effort, resistance, class, force


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Discrepant Design: Levers in the Body
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Lesson 1: Levers in the Human Body