Activity 2A: Me & My Family Tree Extension: Developing a Fuller Kindred

Use the "Me and My Family Tree Information Boxes" worksheet to begin looking at the student's background. Make copies of the information boxes for each student. Have students take the information boxes home and work with their parents to complete them. Suggested directions follow:

  1. Complete an information box for each family member. Some students will have very large families. Be sure each student has enough information boxes for their family.
  2. If exact age at death is not known, estimate as closely as possible.
  3. The disease or cause of death is important. Contact various family members to find information.
  4. If the person is still living, write in any life-threatening diseases they may have and draw a line in space for age at death.
  5. Have the students use their information boxes to construct a family tree. To construct a family tree, have the students arrange and fasten their information boxes on a piece of butcher paper following the "Notes for Building a Family Tree." The butcher paper should allow enough room for students to arrange their “trees.” Students should then draw lines of relationship between the information boxes in their family tree. 

Extension Activity
Developing a Fuller Kindred:
If you know any other family members (not on the chart), write the name, age at death, and cause of death on the back of the chart. This might be aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Note that the worksheet doesn't include enough space for brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts. However, strongly encourage students to develop as full a kindred as possible. Use extra sheets if necessary. The teacher may consider using standard scientific symbols.


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Lesson 2: My Family and Me