Activity 2A: My Older Friend's Lifeline Extension: Illustrating the Lifeline

Students will work with their older friend to develop their older friend's lifeline. The materials and scale should be the same as the student life line (A Look at Me — My Lifeline, Activity 3A). The Older Friend is to list specific events from his/her past, present and future. Use the Planning Sheet to create the Older Friend's Lifeline.
Depending on the ability level of the students, extensive math activities may be necessary to convert from the age of the person to the year the event occurred. (See Lifeline Age-Year Conversion Worksheet). 
Illustrating the Lifeline 
As with the personal Lifelines, students may select to illustrate the Lifeline of their Older Friend; Lifelines would make a nice visual display for future class discussions, i.e., Phases of Development. 

Older friend, age, year, conversion, timeline, lifeline, measurement, linear, calculation, life span


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My Older Friend
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Lesson 2: My Older Friend's Lifeline