Activity 2A: The Skeleton

The students will become familiar with some of the bones of the body. The teacher will provide students with the handouts depicting a disarticulated skeleton. The students are to cut out the skeleton sections and without the aid of a picture of an entire skeleton or a skeleton model, the students are to attempt to "reassemble" their skeleton as they arrange the pieces on construction-paper. Before gluing their skeleton to the construction paper, students should check their arrangement against the skeleton drawing provided by the teacher and make any changes that are needed. After correctly gluing the skeleton to the construction paper, students should label the names of some of the bones. The teacher may use the handout "Articulated Skeleton with Bones Labeled" to help students label their bones. Not all of the bones of the body are named. Some of the skeletons may be displayed around the room.


Skeleton, bone, skeletal structure, skeletal change, sequencing, disarticulated skeleton, anatomy

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Give Your Bones A Break
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Lesson 2: Architecture of the Skeleton