Activity 2B: Bone Bingo

In this activity, students will review the names and locations of major bones in the body.

Each student will be given a copy of the blank "Skeleton Bingo Card" consisting of 16 squares. The teacher will instruct the students to fill in each square on the bingo card with a different name of a bone that they have learned. Each bone name may be used once on a card. Students may use their skeletons from Activity 2A or they may select from a list provided by the teacher, as long as the students make the final choice about which bones to use on their bingo card. To play the game, the teacher will point out a particular bone using a skeleton model or transparency of the skeleton. If the student has that bone name on their bingo card, they may mark it with an "x" or with some kind of bingo marker, such as a bean, a coin, or maybe even the dog kibble shaped like bones! Play regular bingo, "blackout," or "X".


Bone name, game

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Give Your Bones A Break
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Lesson 2: Architecture of the Skeleton