Activity 2B: Cardio Kickers & Heart Bodies

Your students will marvel at the heart model made from plastic bottles and tubes! In doing this activity, students will understand how the heart keeps blood circulating through our bodies. While listening to heart sounds, students will use the heart model to pump “blood” at the proper rate and rhythm. As they work the model, your students will begin to better grasp the abstract concept of blood pressure. While squeezing the “ventricles” students will feel the pressure they are working against. As the activity progresses and a clamp is applied to simulate blood vessel blockage, students will feel how much harder it is for the heart to pump. This leads to discussion on how hard the heart must work when healthy, let alone when vascular disease is present.

  • Examine the structure and function of the human heart
  • Compare and contrast the capacity of cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle
  • Kinesthetically explore the concept of blood pressure
  • Analyze the similarities between a human heart and the heart model
  • Discuss limitations of the heart model compared to the human heart 



Heart, pump, valve, blood pressure, occlusion, vessel, muscle, circulation, heart model

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Inflamm-O-Wars: Silent Battles within Your Cardiovascular System
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Lesson 2: Delivering the Goods: Exploring the Job of Circulation