Activity 2B: Circulating Through Time

Even before its composition and function was fully understood, doctors realized that blood was a vital component for sustaining life. Blood, arguably our most precious commodity, has remained a mystery for thousands of years. Since the earliest depictions dating back to 2500 BC, society has used various methods such as blood letting and other rituals in an attempt to gain a deeper understanding of role of blood in the body. From the primitive experiments to the latest breakthroughs in synthetic blood, many factors have contributed to our knowledge of blood today. Investigating the cultural and scientific developments that have contributed to society's understanding and use of blood will be the focus of this project.

  • You will have become aware of the many discoveries throughout the history of blood that have enhanced our understanding of this life-sustaining substance
  • You will be able to appreciate the way in which these discoveries have contributed to our overall health as well as their implications for the future of modern medicine

Circulating Through Time 2B

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Cast Your Net: Adventures With Blood
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Lesson 2: Plasma Scope: History