Activity 2B: Don't Be an Egghead

Students will design a container that provides an egg (brain) with maximum protection. Before beginning this activity, have students gently shake a raw (uncracked) egg. They will feel the inside of the egg slosh against the shell. Explain that the inside of the egg represents the human brain and the shell represents the skull. When the brain receives a blow or is severely shaken, it hits against the skull resulting in a concussion. Although the human brain is protected by the skull, it is wise to wear a helmet when engaging in any activity that can lead to head injuries-bicycling, boxing, football, skateboarding, and rollerblading to name a few. Because many of the head injuries that occur can be prevented, this activity will benefit many aspects of our lives. Taking measures to prevent injury to the brain may also reduce the risk of future dementias associated with aging.


Health promotion, concussion, safety habit, brain injury prevention, disease prevention

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It's All in Your Mind
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Lesson 2: Optimizing Your Brain