Activity 2B: Energy Needs

Explain how to calculate calorie needs for a day by adding basal metabolism calories + physical activity calories + food digestion and absorption calories.
Have students use the "Energy Needs Worksheet" to determine their basal metabolism calories.
To determine the basal metabolism calories, students will need to refer to the "Nomogram" and "Basal Metabolism Calories Table" provided.
Next, have the students determine the number of calories they need each day by using the "Classification of Activities Handout." This value should be entered on the "Energy Needs Worksheet" in the physical activity calories.  Now, students should determine their Food Digestion Calories on the "Energy Needs Worksheet."
The students have all the information now to calculate their Total Energy Needs for a day. 

Classify, activity level, energy level, food digestion calorie, calculation, multiplication, caloric need, basal metabolism rate, measure, linear, energy need, nomogram, surface area, Spanish 


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Nutrition and Aging
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Lesson 2: What are My Daily Calorie Needs?