Activity 2B: Gauge Your Gait

By performing the Gauge Your Gait Lab, students will observe their normal gait and calculate cadence, stride length and velocity. They can then compare their results to the rest of the class and observe if there were great differences. This lab uses common, easily-obtained materials.

Students will work in groups of four to perform this activity. The student group roles include Walker, Measure Master, Reader, and Timekeeper. Task cards are included and one set should be copied for each group. 

    • Work in a collaborative group with assigned roles to complete a given task
    • Examine the various parts of the gait cycle through an interactive lab
    • Report their findings using charts, graphs, and simple calculations  

    Gait, cycle, chart, graph, calculation, cadence, stride, velocity, walk

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      Mo-bility: Movement by the Numbers
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      Lesson 2: Walk This Sway: Assessing Movement