Activity 2B: Hearing Aid Use

Use the "Sample Data Set" handout. Have the student look at column F. This column holds the answer to the question of whether the students own a hearing aid. Then have the students look at column G. This column will tell the students whether or not the participant was wearing the hearing aid at the time of questioning. Have the students compare these two columns. Have them verbalize or write why they think the answers are not the same. Why do you think they would not wear their hearing aid? Brainstorm reasons why someone would choose not to wear a hearing aid if they owned one. 
A note to the teacher: Two very big reasons that elderly people choose not to wear hearing aids are cost and stigma. The cost of a hearing aid is not covered on most insurances and the cost may range from $700–$1000. The second reason people may not choose to wear their hearing aid is because of the stigma that is associated with wearing it. Some people feel that the hearing aid marks them, and that people treat them differently because of this. 

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