Activity 2B: Orchestrating Student Scripting for a Class Extension: Looking for Emerging Trends or Themes

The teacher could collect the responses and organize them in a meaningful way and retype them into a script, using responses from all the classes. On the following day, students could see and read responses from all the teacher's classes. This may be done as a class activity, much like reading a play. Teachers may use the scripts to read with the class out loud.

Extension Activity
Looking for Emerging Trends or Themes:
The teacher and students may examine scripts closely and look for “trends” or “themes” that seem to emerge from the script. Scripts may be used to qualitatively evaluate the effectiveness of the curricular activities on the student views of aging. 


Sentence completion, oral scripting, emergent theme

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A Look At Them
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Lesson 2: Oral Scripting on Aging