Activity 2B: Visual Field Defects

Have the students discuss what kind of visual problems would occur if defects occurred at specific anatomic sites. Examples of anatomic sites, associated defects, and visual problems are given in the table: 
Anatomic Sites, Defects, & Visual Problems
Anatomic Site Defect Visual Problem
Right eye Damaged in accident
  1. Blind in right eye
  2. Loss of binocular vision (depth perception)
Left optic nerve Damaged by infection
  1. Blind in left eye
  2. Loss of binocular vision (depth perception )
Optic chiasm Pressure from pituitary tumor Temporal hemianopsia
Left optic radiation Damaged by stroke Right homonymous hemianopsia
Right cerebral cortex Damaged by stroke Left homonymous hemianopsia
Refer back to the How We See handouts in Activity 2A to show where the defects occur. 



Visual field, defect, visual defect, visual impairment, visual disorder


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Challenges and Changes: Sensitivity to Vision & Hearing Compromises
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Lesson 2: How We See