Activity 2B: You Be the Medical Director - Duel Sleuthing: Paired Reading

In this activity, students will assume the role of medical director, as used in shows such as ER and CSI to help ensure accuracy. Students will read a selected fiction book dealing with one of the many issues related to adolescent obesity (resources provided). They will make a summarization record after approximately every fifteen pages depending upon the natural pauses in the reading. Using what they have read, students will extract critical elements from the story and will compare and contrast those elements to non-fiction sources dealing with the same issue(s). By the end of the activity, students will make a recommendation about the book and will weave correct elements into the story. 
  • Read a variety of text formats
  • Read selected materials for understanding
  • Identify cause and effect relationships in selected reading materials
  • Distinguish between fiction and non-fiction
  • Investigate factors relating to adolescent obesity
  • Conduct research on adolescent obesity using multiple sources 

Medical director, adolescent obesity, summarization record, reading, compare, contrast, text format, cause, effect, fiction, non-fiction, research


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Corpulosity: A Study of Obesity
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Lesson 2: Fat: Who Cares?