Activity 2C: “AV” Media Movers: PowerPoint or Photo Story on Circulation

This activity suggestion describes how specific content might be taught to middle school students. It does not contain fully developed lesson materials, which we hope to develop under future funding in this content area. Any feedback on how you are able to use this lesson suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Your comments can be sent to us at teachhealthk-12@uthscsa.edu.

Using technology to learn about the circulatory system will be the focus of this activity. Students will use the internet to develop background on the circulatory system. As they gather information on circulation they will also learn how to give recognition for information and pictures they capture. When their project is finished they will have learned about circulation and technology.


Technology activity, circulatory system, circulation, blood flow, heart, blood, blood vessels

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Inflamm-O-Wars: Silent Battles within Your Cardiovascular System
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Lesson 2: Delivering the Goods: Exploring the Job of Circulation