Activity 2C: Origin of Bone Names

In this activity, the students should be divided into pairs. They will be working together to make a visual display and presentation of a bone and its name origin. They will be required to sketch the bone, locate its position in the body, state the language of origin, and explain the meaning/significance of the bone's name. Most of this information is provided on the "Bone Name Cards" and students may also use their skeleton from Activity 2A The Skeleton. All information will be recorded on the student worksheet. Prior to this activity, prepare the "Bone Name Cards." It is suggested that they be copied onto cardstock, laminated and cut apart. This will make 18 "Bone Name Cards." Copy the "Bone Name Activity" worksheet. Each group (pair) will need one worksheet per Bone Name Card.


The words "derived" and "derivation" are used extensively in this activity. It is suggested that you define these terms to your students before they begin their work.

Give each group one "Bone Name Card" and "Bone Name Activity" worksheet. The students should use the "Bone Name Cards" to help them fill in their worksheet. These worksheets may be used as a final product, or the students may transfer their information onto a piece of poster board. The students will then present their information to the class. When all products have been presented, they should be checked and corrected by the teacher. The products should be displayed around the room. As a closing activity, the students will complete the "Bone Name Scavenger Hunt" worksheet. This activity will require the students to gather information from the products that have been displayed. Questions pertaining to 18 bones are on the scavenger hunt. It is important that all 18 bones have been researched and displayed. Depending on your class size and the number of classes, you may wish to have students research more than one bone or divide the bones among your classes. This activity may take one to three days to complete all components.


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Give Your Bones A Break
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Lesson 2: Architecture of the Skeleton