Activity 2D: Footprints in the Sand

By performing the lab, students will observe different characteristics of the gait cycle by measuring and calculating the following: base of support, line of progression, and foot angle. Students will take this information and use it to determine the mean, mode, median, and range of values within their group and for the entire class. This lab uses most of the materials from Gauge Your Gait (Activity 2B)

  • Work in a collaborative group with assigned roles to complete a given task
  • Examine the various parts of the gait cycle through an interactive lab
  • Report their findings using charts, graphs, and simple calculations
  • Measure foot angle and calculate mean, median, mode 

Gait, gait cycle, interactive lab, foot angle, mean, median, mode, base of support, line of progression

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Mo-bility: Movement by the Numbers
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Lesson 2: Walk This Sway: Assessing Movement