Activity 2F: Could You Please Stand Still??!!

Students will investigate the inter-relationship between sway and balance by performing four assessments of sway and balance using an easily-created stabilometer. Working in groups of four, students will each take an active role in making four stabilograms. The group will then estimate the area of the stabilogram using a Unit Square Grid. Working together, the group will create graphs of the estimated area of each stabilogram. From these graphs, students will draw conclusions about the relationship that exists between sway and balance. Student Task Cards are included in the activity pages to help students clearly define their roles and to stay on task during the activity.  

  • Perform four assessments of balance and sway using a stabilometer
  • Analyze data collected using a stabilometer to describe how sway and balance are inter-related
  • Collect and organize data, transfer data to the correct type of graph and draw conclusions based upon the data



Balance, sway, stabilometer, unit square grid, stability


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Mo-bility: Movement by the Numbers
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Lesson 2: Walk This Sway: Assessing Movement