Activity 2G: Could You Please Stand Still Again??!!

Most people believe they can stand perfectly still, however, research shows that all humans sway. Sway is caused by the constant correcting of balance. These small movements can be measured in a laboratory using a force plate. In the classroom, sway can be measured using a device called a Stabilometer. Many factors can affect balance and sway. In this investigation, students will choose a variable and repeat the procedure they learned in Activity 2D, Could You Please Stand Still?!!! This will allow the students to design their own experiment, collect data, analyze that data and draw conclusions about the effect of the variable they chose on balance and sway. 

Students will don a “balance compromise”, which will be the variable they choose to test as they re-perform the procedure they learned in Could You Please Stand Still?.

  • Use a stabilometer to determine the effect of applied variables on balance and sway
  • Design a controlled experiment to test the effect of a variable on balance and sway
  • Collect data, analyze data and draw conclusions from their data

Movement, mobility, stabilometer, balance, sway, experiment, analyze, Stroop test

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Mo-bility: Movement by the Numbers
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Lesson 2: Walk This Sway: Assessing Movement