Activity 2H: The Inside Story

"The Inside Story" is an activity that focuses on the concept that the skeleton changes throughout life. The students will examine the structural changes in the human skeleton across the life span. Refer to "The Inside Story" Activity Sheet. The students will cut out the pictures of the human skeleton. Then, they will sequence the pictures of the skeletons in order from youngest to oldest. Ask the students to guess the age of each skeleton and write that guess on the back of each picture. The students will compare their sequencing with the teacher's answers. Next, the students will read through the statements explaining the major changes that occur in the skeleton during aging. Ask the students to match these statements to their appropriate skeleton picture. Have the students compare their answers with the teacher's correct responses. Glue each skeleton next to the appropriate statements that describe the skeleton changes. Finally, discuss the major changes in the skeleton across the life span with the class. The reference for the skeleton descriptions is cited.


Sequencing, inference, skeleton, body proportion, osteoporosis, ossification

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Give Your Bones A Break
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Lesson 2: Architecture of the Skeleton