Activity 3A: Aging and Mobility Activity Suggestion


This activity suggestion describes how specific content might be taught to middle school students. It does not contain fully developed lesson materials, which we hope to develop under future funding in this content area. Any feedback on how you are able to use this lesson suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Your comments can be sent to us at teachhealthk-12@uthscsa.edu.


Activity Focus:
The focus of this activity is to provide an awareness of how mobility
changes with age. It will guide the students through learning how to
crawl and walk to how the elderly use devices to help them move. This activity will illustrate how a human’s mobility can change with age and introduce life circumstances that alter how we move. Students will be introduced to diseases, injuries, and accidents that can change how a person is able to move. Students will understand how life choices can change and alter the way we move.

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Unit Reference: 
Mo-bility: Movement by the Numbers
Lesson Reference: 
Lesson 3: Choices & Changes: Factors Affecting Mobility