Activity 3A: Food Diary

Have students complete a food diary for a day. Be sure the students also record any snacks they eat. Record the snacks under the meal that was closest to when they ate them. For example, if they ate popcorn at 10 p.m., they should record this with supper. They should record their amounts of carbohydrate, protein, and fat in grams and the amount of cholesterol in mg.
To convert grams to calories, students will have to use the following information:
1 gram of protein or carbohydrate = 4 Calories
1 gram of fat = 9 Calories 
Have the students record their total intake of carbohydrate, fat, and protein as follows:
___ grams = ___ calories (at the bottom of their food diary).

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Nutrition and Aging
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Lesson 3: Personal Food Diary Analysis