Activity 3A: Media Review Extension: Graphing Media Review Results

Students need to be placed in groups. Using TV guides, have the students pick out and list television shows that have an older person in the cast. Students may add cartoons or videos that they may have or those that appear on television. For example, television shows might include “ Golden Girls,” “Designing Women,” “Mama's Family,” “Northern Exposure,” “Coach,” “The Andy Griffith Show,” “Sanford and Son,” “All in the Family,” “Ninja Turtles,” “Mr. Magoo. ” Movies might include: On Golden Pond, Cocoon (I & II), Harold and Maude, The Undergrads, Fried Green Tomatoes, Steel Magnolias, Driving Miss Daisy, Dad . Student groups may wish to share out their lists for the class, so that a class list can be made. From this, group members will be responsible for watching and reviewing at least one show.

It is suggested that students become familiar with the Media/Book Review form prior to reviewing. There are 3 difficulty levels for the Media/Book Review.

After one week of viewing, the group is to return together for a class discussion of their findings.

Teachers may wish to direct students in first reviewing a TV show, followed by a movie.

Teachers may wish to direct students to illustrate the character they reviewed and compare it to their “Help the N.I.A.” character (Activity 1B).

For the infrequent occasion when students do not have access to television, this activity may be adapted to magazines, newspapers, comics, or other periodical reading material.

Extension Activity:
Graphing Media Review Results
Findings may be graphed or charted and conclusions drawn about what the media is saying to us about “old.” 



Stereotype, elderly, bias, ageism, media, aging, attitude, media review, character analysis


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