Activity 3A: My Personal Lifeline Extension: Illustrating My Lifeline

Students will develop a personal lifeline which will include events from the past and present. Students will also be asked to think or dream about events in the future. Advise students that for this activity they can plan to live to be one hundred years old. They must include a minimum of five events from their past and seven events they see in their future. The class can brainstorm the types of events of the past that might be included (i.e., birth, spoke first words, got first bicycle, started school, brother or sister was born, bad event that happened, good event that happened, etc.). Students can also brainstorm possible future events (i.e., finish 8th grade, complete high school, complete college, get first full-time job, get married, have children, be elected president, win an award, fly in a spaceship, retire). 
Based on classroom experience, students become more aware of the richness of future possibilities and events after they have interviewed their older friend (My Older Friend Unit). Using the time line as an ongoing activity allows it to be further developed to display more options for the students lives and careers.
The lifeline can be totally constructed by the student. If this is done, the teacher will have to develop many activities on the history, purpose, construction, and reading of time lines. If students are to mark off the time sections on the time line, an extensive math unit will be necessary. Lifelines can be constructed on tag board, cash register tape, computer paper, or any other available resources. 
Preconstructed time lines may be used if the teacher wishes to give the students the time line with a predetermined scale for years. Students will need to discuss past events with their parents to determine their age when certain events happened. Students then must convert their chronological ages to the years the events occurred.
It is suggested that this time line be kept for culminating activities or in conjunction with My Older Friend Unit - Intergenerational Relationships activities. 

Extension Activity
Illustrating My Lifeline:
As a possible extension activity, students may elect to illustrate some events from their past, present, and/or future. When accompanied with the lifelines, these illustrations will make a good visual display that students can refer to. 


Measurement, body, data collection, lifeline construction, timeline construction, connection, past, present, future, goal, future planning, personal growth


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