Activity 3A: Put a Sock on It – Particulates in the Air We Breathe

With adult assistance, students will “Put A Sock on It” by placing a clean white sock over the exhaust area of a car, bus, and/or gasoline powered lawn mower, trimmer, or leaf blower. They will see that particulate matter is released onto the white sock. Once students understand that particulates are a form of air pollution released by many things in their daily lives, they will work in groups of four to examine the number and variety of particulates found in various locations around their school.

  • Identify the various air particulates in the environment
  • Make a hypothesis
  • Make qualitative and quantitative observations about acquired data from the lab
  • Gather, collect and analyze the particulate data
  • Compare and contrast the various particulates in the different locations

Air, particulate, environment, hypothesis, data, pollution

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Pulmo Park
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Lesson 3: In Particular, What Goes Up Your Nose?