Activity 3B: Book Review Extension: Illustrating Characters

Using books from the “Creating Positive Attitudes Toward Aging” Children's Book List, give each student a book to review. (Some are more difficult reading than others to allow for differences in reading levels and time constraints). Each student is responsible to do a review of his/her assigned book.

Students should read through the Media/Book review forms before starting the review to make them more aware of what to look for in the story. There are 3 difficulty levels to the Media/Book Review.

Extension Activity
Illustrating Characters:
Teachers could encourage students to carry out the theme of illustrating the older person as they see them. Students could create an illustration of their own, or copy or alter one from the book. Compare these drawings to their N.I.A. character (Activity 1B - Help the N.I.A.). 



Stereotype, elderly, bias, ageism, literature, aging, juvenile literature, character analysis, book analysis, attitude


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A Look At Them
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Lesson 3: Media/Book Reviews