Activity 3B: Scattergrams by Computer

Have the students create a computer-generated scatter plot of the 100 entries in the full spreadsheet. 
The directions for using a spreadsheet in EXCEL are listed below.
  1. Select the cells containing English and Spanish Totals (H2:I101) by highlighting them.
  2. Insert a chart by selecting INSERT and then select CHART. A chart wizard will appear.
  3. Chart Wizard Step 1 of 4: Select XY SCATTER. Click next.
  4. Chart Wizard Step 2 of 4: You will see a small version of the scatter plot. The range should be "=SHORT!$H$2:$I$101". Click next.
  5. Chart Wizard Step 3 of 4: Under the TITLES tab, type chart title: "Hearing Handicap Inventory." The X-axis will be "English Totals" and the Y-axis will be "Spanish Totals." Click on the LEGEND tab. Take the check mark off the SHOW LEGEND by clicking on it. Click next.
  6. Chart Wizard Step 4 of 4: If you want the chart to be a full page, click AS NEW SHEET. If you want the chart to be smaller and embedded within the spreadsheet, click AS OBJECT IN. Click finish.
  7. You can also include a trendline on the chart. Select CHART then select ADD TRENDLINE. Select LINEAR then click OK. Your graph should look like this: Answer graph from 100-entry spreadsheet.

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Lesson 3: Checking Test Comparability/Scattergrams