Activity 3B: Snapback! Exploring Elasticity Lab

Students will investigate Hooke's law by studying the elastic properties of various sized tubing, especially the relationship between a force that stretches an elastic body and the length the elastic body stretches. Students will apply a known force to several elastic tubes and measure resulting changes in the diameter and length. Once students acquire a basic understanding of elasticity, they will relate this concept to the cardiovascular system.

  • Investigate the properties of elastic bodies
  • Measure how changes in force may affect the amount of extension (stretch) in an elastic body
  • Distinguish between extension (strain) and force of weight (stress)
  • Provide a definition of Hooke's law
  • Apply the principle of elasticity to human blood vessels



Human body, force, motion, artery, physics, elasticity, extension, stretch, elastic limit, strain, elastic deformation, Hooke's law, diameter, length

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Inflamm-O-Wars: Silent Battles within Your Cardiovascular System
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Lesson 3: Tubular, Dude!: Exploring Blood Vessels