Activity 3B: Why Opposites Attract: Blood Agglutination

In this activity, students will examine how antigens on the surface of red blood cells determine the ABO blood types. Using templates provided in the activity, students will construct models of the antibodies present in A, B, AB, and O blood types. Using the ABO blood antigen models created in Activity 3A “Hey, What's Your Type? and the antibody models from this activity, students will demonstrate the process of agglutination to enhance their understanding of antibody-antigen reactions.

  • Examine the ABO antigens found on red blood cells and the antibodies that are present in the bloodstream
  • Identify the cause of agglutination as well as the reason why some blood types are able to be mixed
  • Explain reasons for the process of agglutination

Blood, ABO, blood group, blood group, antigen, red blood cell, blood type, antibody, antibodies, agglutination

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Cast Your Net: Adventures With Blood
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Lesson 3: I Want Your Blood: Blood Transfusions