Activity 3C: Movin' Through the Hood: Creating Environments for Positive Choices & Changes

Movin’ Through the Hood: Creating Environments for Positive Choices & Changes is a problem-based learning activity which allows students to take learning into their own hands. They will be asked to analyze the built environment in which they live, research alternatives, and devise an action plan to improve their own built environment. The activity is centered upon the basic question: “How does our built environment influence food choices and physical activity and what changes need to be made?” Supplemental activities are included so that the teacher can provide structured practice and/or exemplars of each step of the project as needed.
Students will explore the roles played by leaders in the social, school, community,and commercial aspects of the built environment. Working in groups, students will identify what they know about the problem, what they need to know, and steps that need to be taken to develop and implement a defensible action plan.
  • Identify terms and application for the built environment, urban planning, smart growth, nutritional values, and physical activity
  • Use critical thinking skills to solve complex problems
  • Research related topics to support their answers
  • Collect, organize, and analyze information

Built environment, obesity, healthy choices, problem based learning

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Mo-bility: Movement by the Numbers
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Lesson 3: Choices & Changes: Factors Affecting Mobility