Activity 3C - Part 1: Born of Blood: Craft Stick Chromosomes

Working in groups of eight, students will be given six Craft Stick Chromosomes from a set of 46. Since chromosomes exist in pairs within our cells, someone else in the group has a chromosome that will “match” and create a chromosome pair. Students must define critical attributes of their chromosomes as they look for “matching” chromosomes. When each student finds their six “matches”, they use the Chromosome Key Card to number their chromosome pairs. Students will then create a karyotype of their Craft Stick Chromosomes by arranging them in sequential pairs. Once students understand that chromosomes have identifying characteristics, they are ready to map a few specific genes on a chromosome and create a large, mapped model of a chromosome. When all of the large chromosomes are completed, the classroom will become a giant nucleus with a complete set of 46 chromosomes.

  • Define critical attributes of human chromosomes
  • Match homologous chromosomes to make a human karyotype
  • Demonstrate how traits are encoded in genes found on our chromosomes

Chromosome, karyotype, trait, gene

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Activity Code: 
3C P1
Unit Reference: 
Cast Your Net: Adventures With Blood
Lesson Reference: 
Lesson 3: I Want Your Blood: Blood Transfusions