Activity 3C - Part 2: Born of Blood: Chromosome Chronicles

Working in pairs, students will select a human chromosome and map a few selected genes onto a paper representation of their chromosome. Next, they will use an online database from the Human Genome Project to identify and map 6 additional genes. As a culminating activity, they will create a chromosome model that is exactly 10 times larger than their paper model. The classroom will morph into a huge nucleus from a human cell as the giant chromosomes are placed around the room.

  • Identify the parts of a chromosome
  • Locate specific genes on human chromosomes
  • Demonstrate how traits are encoded in genes found on chromosomes

Chromosome, gene, genome, nucleus

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3C P2
Unit Reference: 
Cast Your Net: Adventures With Blood
Lesson Reference: 
Lesson 3: I Want Your Blood: Blood Transfusions