Activity 3C - Part 3: Born of Blood: Fun Punns

Using giant Punnett Squares, crepe paper chromosome streamers and descriptive cards, students will work in groups of eight to explore the inheritance of ABO blood types. They will also predict the ABO blood types of offspring from various genetic crosses. Students will assume the roles of Random Runner, Chromo-Caller, Likli' Hoods (possible offspring), Mom G'nome and Dad G'nome as they explore the world of Punnett Squares in a kinesthetic, fun way.

  • Infer how genes determine the ABO blood types
  • Predict the blood types of offspring from parents of known blood types using Punnett Squares
  • Demonstrate how Punnett Squares are related to genes and chromosomes

Chromosome, gene, blood type, Punnett square, inherit

Activity Code: 
3C P3
Unit Reference: 
Cast Your Net: Adventures With Blood
Lesson Reference: 
Lesson 3: I Want Your Blood: Blood Transfusions