Activity 3C: "Somnorifics": A Study of Sleep

In this activity, students will read about the stages of sleep and examine what happens to the amount of sleep required at different times throughout the life span. Students will also learn what happens to major body systems, making a graphical representation of the changes that occur in these systems during sleep. This activity uses a combination of graphing and critical thinking to help students understand that sleep is more than something they do doing school! The restorative power of sleep is extremely important to good health throughout their life.

  • Compare and contrast stages of sleep
  • Identify graphs of different types of brain waves
  • Explain the changes that occur in major body systems during sleep
  • Examine the interdependence of body systems
  • Collect data and create a graphical representation of the data
  • Express your conclusions using complete sentences.

Sleep, restorative, adaptive, non rapid eye movement (NREM), rapid eye movement (REM), energy, stage, brain wave, sleep stages, interdependence of body systems, interpreting graphs

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ZZZZzzzWorld: Exploring Sleep
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Lesson 3: Snoozin's Not Losin': It's Good for You!