Activity 3D: Oral Health Care Record

Have the students keep a dental health care record of their oral hygiene habits for one week. Give each student a copy of the “Oral Health Care Record” and have them record their oral health care habits and the habits of one other family member. Inform the students that they will return their results at the end of one week. Have the students record the times of day they brushed and flossed, as well as the family member. Have the students record in their journals what they observed from keeping track of their oral health care record for one week. Have them also write about the observations and comments the family member made about the oral health record. Have them also pledge what they will do in the future to continue to practice good oral health care habits at home, to encourage other family members to do the same, and to visit a dentist for a checkup and cleaning. 

Health promotion, oral hygiene, self assessment


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Watch Your Mouth
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Lesson 3: Oral Hygiene